Saturday, December 22, 2007

2007 - the year that was...

I think now is a good of time as any to reflect what the year was and has been!

This year has been a year of growth, rediscovery, and above all else a year of discovery!
This year has seen journeys to all parts of Australia, new friendships, and also times of frustration.

The journeys have included weekly plane trips - only 6 hours a week on average spent on a plane, and 6 hours a week waiting for planes, in addition trips to Adelaide (& Clare) (thanks to Mic, Katherine, Heather (& her 1st & 2nd family) for making my stay/s), Melbourne (thanks to Jelena (& Family), Stace &Aidan, Alan for letting me climb into/onto couch/bed/floor - whenever I needed it), Brisbane (Thanks Jelena & Nathan for buying me a mattress for my visit), Hobart (Pete and Isabel for keeping me company) and for something different driving to Canberra (Al, Isabel and Steve for keeping me and each other sane during the journey (it didn't work)and Pete for putting up with us in our insane manner also Isabel mum for letting the 3 of us crash the nite)! Even staying in Perth (thanks Al for discovering Perth with me) for a couple of days. And thanks to the many other people that offered me floor, couch, beds and showers but only so many times I am in the city - and I like some normality!

Friendships - well when you 200 kilometres from the nearest public bar, public servo, and public shop -with 500 -800 people - you meet people - some of them will of passed through my life - guiding me towards the next road and others will actually keep me company along the way a bit - and I thank both lots - because both collection of individuals are important.

Some of the ones that you believe won't keep you company are the ones that keep you company along the road

It is also important to remember the friendships that have continued to grow throughout the year, the people you ring up in tears and say I'm having a bad day (sorry Stace for doing this :)). The people from the past that you have rediscovered, or have come back into your life. The friends that have continued to be there month after month - the ones you can ring up every 6-12 months and have dinner with and catch up and then promise each other to do it more often at the end of the catch up session. The friends that you can rock up to the house - and they look glad to see even through they are thinking - you bitch you could of given more warning - the friends that you invite yourself to dinner at the place - and the welcome you at the door with a hug - Thank you!

The year has been different then any other year for me - I haven't felt myself tied to one place - which for me I found really fruasting - I'm sure I have realised this fruasten to a number of people - for those that I have I thank them - and hopefully having my own wardrobe now will make it so I am less fruasted!

Family rise - 2007 was the year that my sister finally reproduced with a son named Jack, in addition 3 of my cousins had children - busy year!

Looking at 2008 - the year is starting to look similar to 2007 - but with some stability towards the end of the year. With trips to Western Europe (Feb/March), Nelson point/bay (near newcastle,NSW) (Feb), Clare (SA)(May), Dubbo (NSW) (June), and thinking of Darwin in July. Also might have an option of some more work up at Hedland in April/May! Then hopefully I will get a job in the city and have stability!

Monday, December 17, 2007


One of my friends reminded me yesterday - that he was always there for me!

This friend is probably one of my (collection of) dearest and sweetest friends I have but I probably only see him about once a year in a good year!

From the moment I met him, he has always felt like a big brother! What is with some people - that automatically you feel like you have known them for ages, and
This friend reminded me yesterday to slow down and do nothing - he told me I needed a holiday!! Actually a couple of people have told me that lately!

I think I respect my friends - understanding of me more since I don't see them very often!

He also reminded me that we all have certain jobs to do in our time here on earth and that we are both are probably so far behind that we will be here for a while.

A few familiar faces... :)

after the events of thursday - it was a relief to see a familiar face or two. Without knowing that was want I needed it was reasssuring for that to happen.

Two of the guys I know from Telfer was around and approached me with a smile and a thank goodness someone that is on my insanity level. One of them a guy that works for Pilbara Logistics (hang on that's who I work for) - he's about 50-60 ish - not that that matters - we drink together - he approached me with a smile and a shoulder pat - and made the effort to tell me it was good to see me etc.

The other guy - head of security at Telfer - or at least he was before he was escorted to the plane, and told R&R was longer than the 7 days... a lot longer. He is working up here as camp security - good to know that I have someone looking after me. He approached me after breakfast on monday and did the questions of what are you doing here - and look how desperate things are up here - all in good humour! We actually spent time at Telfer building up a relationship. Here was the system - I would get a phone call about a snake, I would then ring him about it - and he would relocate it - I also had a bit to do with him with birds - he was located in the village - people would deliver the bird to him, he would then ring me, and I would then collect the bird! You see the system - a relationship built from respect of each other! Some how I ended up on first name basis with all the security guys!

I also did a mediation dance workshop on sunday which probably did the world of good.

So I am ready to go and try and do my job - It is just nice to have had that little bit of a push! :)

Friday, December 14, 2007


I have been extremely lucky in my life, I never had to go hungry, always had a roof to sleep under, and clothes on my back but saying that I have had some challenges.

Challenges like the ones I faced this week - realising that even through with the volume of people that is involved in this contract that they in bulk (operators, supervisors, the client) don't want me here and don't see the need for me to be here. That I probably would not of got as much push back if I was a male - and the events that happened this week - would not of occurred!

So althrough I don't think I have every walked away from things - I have felt defeated a number of times - I feel that I need to for my own mental sake, I need to walk away from this job. This job has defeated me!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where am I going... can anyone give me directions?

The direction I am heading, I don't know, where I am going I don't know!
The only thing for certain I seem to know is that I am in Australia!

Where am I going professional?
Where am I going personally? and
Where am I going geographically?

I look at my friends and associates and see that they all have some idea of the direction they are heading for at least one of those things, but where am I going?

Personally - the friends I have are ones that I have had for a number of years, no new ones included of recent times, but then again why do I need new ones - when I have the best group of friends? No sign of a relationship on the cards at the moment... and hasn't been the case for the last couple of years!

I seem to change direction regularly - both geographically and professional - cos never I do feel likes home - and no where I go feels like home! Maybe I need to work out what will feel like home! How do I know what is right for me - I can work out what is wrong for me but what is right for me?

Friday, December 7, 2007

The last 10 days

As expected my R&R was not as restful as it could of been - trying to get more sleep at the moment!

Last Thrusday (29th of November) got offered a position at BHP Biliton Olympic Dam operations, after careful considerations, and promises on the professional development that will occur if I took the opportunity - I decided to take the job!

My car also decided to have that little light that says - hello something isn't right - spend money on me! so I did what it asked and spent some money on it and time friday waiting for my car to be fixed up!

Saturaday my birthday brilliant evening with Stace and Andrew - very basic evening - but all you need is mates!

5 days in conference including saturaday
Sunday night was a good evening

Monday spoke to my new boss!
Monday night made a decision regarding the job!

Wednesday spent a night at home!
Thursday spent travelling - ended up having to stay in Perth on Thursday night at Qantas expense due to delays of the plane in Sydney - affects Melbourne to Perth plane!
Friday landed in Hedland - to found no one waiting for me!
Saturaday informed the owner of the company I work for that I am leaving!