Thursday, February 28, 2008

why is it that people think that if you hurry off the plane you will leave the airport first?
Why is it you push the person in front of you out of the way you will get the best sit on the train?

Two questions to leave you with!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today I saw the changing of the guards at the palace, it is like a fine art - everyone has the job to do, and it must be done to the direct second.

The band and 10-15 guards marsh through the city with the police guiding them through the traffic and head guys with the band and the guards.  Until they get to the palace  square.  At the palace square the walk around 3/4 of it  until they get to the main palace, and the guard head guy walks in, and gets a flagman, then the head guy and flagman slide (yes they slide they feet) to join them the flagman is directly behind the head guy only 5 centmetres or so behind.  

The party then marches in formation, and present themselves to the guards that have been doing the job for the past 24 hours.  The guards swap places, and the 10-15 guards separate themselves, so the ones that will be taking the guards straight away are standing in the front.

The four head guys come together -  shake hands and then march into the main palace courtyard, and the doors close behind them.  Meanwhile the band moves out of lines into a horse shoe and plays some music, while the guards go into the visitors courtyard doors close after they go in.  Then they come back out, and the band moves into lines -  only thing that doesn't look organised and they go into the visitors courtyard  - doors close after they go in -  doors are only open for a couple of minutes to allow the people to go in and out.  While the band is inside -  the guards go to each of the stands as a group of 7 -  the 2 main people go up to the current guard - one go ahead and one go behind (the one behind checks the red coat that is in the station stand - don't know why and don't know when they wear it or if).  
The guy at the back then coughs, and moves beside the one at the front.  They go back to the group, they then send the guard that is going to replace the other guy to him, and he then marches towards his post and they change places.  This happens for the 5 stands only different one happening at the main stand - since both sides are covered.

then they end up back where they were - then everyone goes in. and then everyone comes back out and then the march around the square - deliver the flag man back and go out a different way and continue to play all the way through the town -  I lost them about now since I found a jewellery shop but... it lead to a couple of questions...

Why does grown men feel the need to look identical in public (was talking to one of the parents and they couldn't recognise they son -  they told me he was one of the ones in bear hats!)?
Why would you slide your feet?
Why would you march for over 40 minutes to get to work?
and wouldn't they be better ways of doing it?
Also why check the cloak?

Monday, February 25, 2008

I am  feeling better  - as  always my body doesn't  do sick!

It is difficult to touch  type on a keyboard that isn't  layered out the same as  the one  that I am  used...

Walked around copenhagen today ,and it was an amazing feeling  -  seeing the  sights of a different city, discovering hidden wonders which ever way I turn.  

Why is it that you can  only see the wonder in things that are not  in your face every day.

It's  interesting the youngest building in Prague (or what the claim as the youngest) is older than anything in Australia.  These buildings  have lasted the depth of time, and are all multi story buildings that have had modern conveinces added to them, things that we take for grated - water, inside toilets etc. electricity...

Europe has such a long history - a long history of friendships, of wars, of buildings, of development, etc.  Australia has a short history - neither should be taken lightly!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have a cold, I am in a country that I don't speak the language, one of my good mates had a 25th on saturaday, one of my other good mates got married again on saturaday and where am I...

I am in copenhagen at the moment - flew in today cold isn't good arrived at hostel and my booking had been lost - just sent me over the edge.  Also my right eye is telling me its alive (normally its my left eye so therefore I have nothing to give the right eye).

I was going to bitch about the ridiculus fees the bank is changing me to get my own money out of the bank... but I just read andrew's blog - so I thought that might be a better way to go!

I am extremely lucky I have a good network of friends that I would do most things for (maybe not sky diving but they could ask and depending on the day) and they would/will/have guided me through significant things in my life!

Most of my friends believe that I have been to more weddings than what they have been, and those that have been more is generally due to them having a partner.  This outlines the great and varied friendship groups that I am part of.  I was thinking of if/when I have a wedding the invite list...  You generally have to invite peoples who weddings you have gone to so here's a list of the weddings - the special days that I have been part of - the love that has been shared on these days...

Weddings I have been to:
  • Aunty Pam and Uncle Geoff ( I was only 3 or so but I remember it)
  • Anita and Simon (Anita High school mate - beautiful sole)
  • Sarah and Mark (both angels - Sarah again high school mate - and mark has weird food likes (good if pineapple is in it)/dislikes (no tomato and pumpkin)
  • Dan and Christine (Dan is my cousin - seen more of him in the last 4 years then previously in my life)
  • Panda and Paul (Bridesmaid for her - she is my sister)
  • One of my ex-bf's mates (not likely to be invited!)
  • Monique and Eddie (Divorced now but monique is a uni mate)
  • Robbie (sorry robert) and Erica (consider them both mates -  the kindness, the strength, the openness...)
  • Diana and Andy ( Diana is another High School mate and she is gorgenous)
  • Marty and Catherine (Marty is a cousin and this couple is no longer together)
  • Stace and Aidan (They got desperate for a bridesmaid so filled that spot - great mates with both and consider them to be so charming and cute and also a perfect fit for each other)
  • Carla and Peter (both beautiful soles Carla is a high school mate and Peter accepts everyone).
  • Heather and Ben (My other sister (according to her friends and family)- both friends from Pirie - Heather is always there for me - perfect fit for each other).
  • also Jelena and Nathan  & Sarah and Arindh all four cute as, but they all got married in New Zealand so wasn't able to attend.
  • Also Georgie and Greg since they aloped.
So the minimum are the ones above, plus all the ones that haven't got married yet, and they is a few.

They all know if the need anything I am here - cos I know I will call on them if needed.

At least I have started a wedding invite list just need a husband to be
and ....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Okay I have spent the last couple of days in London, and have flown today to Prague!

Keep on getting emails from Recuirtment people telling me that they want more information about me and there understand I am currently in London - I don't remember putting that in many applications. So there have wrong me - spoke to one of my parents and then emailed me!

I can't believe the number of emails I have recieved in the last couple of days considering last friday was when I applied for jobs!

Okay I need to forget about work at the moment and think of the rest... Europe :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

off off and away

At the Airport lounge, thinking what am I doing - yes I know I am going to be on a plane in about an hours time - probably less...

Last week after much questioning from my parents regarding employment - I commenced the looking for a new job process - I applied for some jobs...

my cousin who visited uis last week reviewed by resume for me - and he was impressed but still gave me some pointers, which was greatly appreciated.

I applied for about a dozen jobs on friday - and within 3 hours of pressing the famous send button - the phone started to ring. As a professional it is very rare for you to recieve anything other than the customary email saying your email has been recieved at a email address made up for that purpose.

My ipod seems to be having personalities difficulties....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

off to europe on monday

I know i should be more organised but...

I am off to europe on monday I havenn't arranged anything yet - thinking I might spend a day in London on tuesday then take a train to Prague on wednesday afternoon...

I actually hate valentine day, I've got to the point in my life that most of my friends are married or in a long term relationship (i.e. brought a house), and weddings and valentines day just makes me feel lonely!!