Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay it's my fault that nothing has been written for a while
I have started work, spent a weekend with the family, met a whole lot of new collegues, drank a whole lot of beer, had my first, second and third visitors - (all in the same weekend), hosted a couple of dinners here, drank some more beer, won a raffle or 3, had my parents her for a week, and visited Canberra, but for some reason I am still feeling alone.

It's weird how alone I feel at times, althrough it might just be tiredness!

I once heard that the male in a couple is likely to sleep closest to the door, even through I am alone, I have generally always slept closest to the door - its just been the side that made me feel at home. In the last couple of weeks maybe due to the new room etc. I have started sleeping the furtherest from the door. This is an interesting move for me - maybe its because I am becoming more open to things - I don't kow - but its an interesting discussion point for this forum.

Better found out what is happening with uni - today!