Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay I have unpacked - well everything is out of the boxes... Things still need to found homes and I do have too many things.

But some of the belongings I have (a lot) have sedimentally value - like the teddy bear aidan gave me for my 21st - its red and big - and has been in charge of the lounge at my last place. The glass world globe that andrew gave me for my 21st. The navy blue scraf thing that I was supposed to wear for Aidan and Stace's wedding.

The hangings - which I haven't worked out which ones to put up - only have 4 places to hang them.
Cross-stitch that mum did for my 21st, the cross-stitch I made, the 4 long-stitches that I did, the picture of the 12 apostles that I got as a graduation gift, the picture of me in a monaro, the pictures of me in amanda's wedding, my grad cert (by 3), and that's before the generic pictures I have picked up along the way that have meaning.

This week is the only week that I will be in the office until the end of June for monday to friday. Have training for the next 3 weeks, and then exams.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I have officially got my own place - its not a palace or a castle but it is mine for the next 12 months - yes I am in the renting game again. The place that I am talking about is a 2 bedroom unit in Yarrawonga - which is mine while I continue to pay the rent. At the moment its only a bed and lots and lots of boxes! The bed is made - first rule when unpacking - first thing to do when unpacking is make the bed!

As I said in the my last blog I was going to have a busy week or so - well in the last 2 weeks (Thursday to today - yes okay 16 days) I have been to box hill south, camberwell, adelaide, clare, watervale (made famous by annie's lane), salisbury, Mintaro, sevenhill, korumburra, leongatha, yarrawonga, mulwala, albury, rutherglen, beechworth, myrtleford, sale, barinsdale, bright, greensborough, cranbourne, mt. hotham (where they was snow), coal creek, omeo, swifts creek,bruthen, stratford, yarrum, meeniyan, woodside, stradbroke, alberton, welshpool (victoria), Toora, Tarwin, koonwarra, Mornington, Hastings, Tyabb,etc.

The pub at Mintaro - the view from the winery that I was enjoy a very nice drop of red with a chocolate/caramel cake with raspberry sauce - on a sunny may day with good mates!

What more do you need!

Bright - from my car window - it always looks the same

I have been extremely lucky that I have been able to see a lot of Australia, and see it with mates. I was thinking that I need to document the places I've been - I am currently thinking of putting together a scrap book of the places I've been - and each year put together a new page for the places I have been that year. Doesn't have to have a lot of pictures one or two - but mainly a list of the places I have been!