Sunday, March 30, 2008


Has anyone seen her? Does anyone know what she looks like? What she enjoys? what her Hobbies are?

Yes folks I have lost myself again - the physical self is currently in a chair in a lounge room at her parents place but emotional and mental self is lost - I really can't recall clearly seing them for more than five minutes since 1994 maybe earlier but... you get the picture!

I was driving home this morning from a mates housewarming party and I realised that I don't have the friend that knows everything etc. about you - I have friends, and ones that are good ones - but you know the friend that you always going out with, or catching up with.

My friend Perdi has just moved into her first house! with her partner Craig - Craig was saying that 2 of his mates had been around everynight the previous week, and it got me thinking about the people in my life...

It also got me thinking about how I am going to meet people - I really need to start dancing again but I can't because I don't know what I am doing!

At the moment - I feel like everyone is zooming past me - and they have been for years.

Maybe its just everything getting....
My mother telling me I can't use my normal bathroom when she has visitors, due to them using it (just make me feel at home), my mother constantly reminding me that I should be gratefully to be living with them - cos I am saving money this way (as Dad pointed out - city kids are able to stay living at home when at uni if deemed necessary), My mother saying if I don't get a job soon I will have to apply for a job down at the supermarket (nothing wrong with that - but professional jobs take time and I have only been in the country for a week), having to explain to my parents who I am talking t on my mobile phone. and to top it all of just feeling lonely - but then again not going to found anyone while I feel lonely.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am back in Australia, and attempting to resettle myself!

Started to apply for jobs todays - and got a phone call within 45 minutes- had an interview today - but was unsuccessfully need more experience - also I wasn't old enough for the job!

At the moment I am runned down but I need to get a job!

I booked my May trip yestrday - going to Adelaide - Clare Valley actually!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I think of all the places I've been I like Manchester - maybe because its the english Melbourne - maybe it was due to the fact that it rained for the whole day - not miserable crap but constant rain - not too hard and not too light - you know what I am talking about...

My eye is playing up - imagine seeing someone wearing a red bit of glass as the contact lense - my eye is redder - can't remember seeing white this morning when I looked in the mirror. My immune system I believe I lost in Paris...

So a 11:15 flight from Manchester to London, a 9pm flight from London to Singapore, and then whatever time it is from singapore to Melbourne (I'm not changing my watch for that timezone) and something is likely to ran late!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Need a house

Okay I know I have been travelling, but s soon as I get myself a job then I need to buy a place - 2 bedroom apartment/unit is all I need!

Started thinking about painting it today - I was on a bus all day!
The master bedroom I am thinking I would like a black wall -with three hand made things - to match my bed spread - which by memory haven't seen it for 18 months is white and blue!

I am really starting to get the itch to buy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Okay My europe escape and my escape from reality is sadly coming to an end!

But then again - i'm thinking a bath would be good and not having to have loose change for the bathroom, and wearing different clothes!

last serious blog was copenhagen - which was lovely, then I preceeded back to london for 2 days until i commenced my booked tour of europe!

The tour was aimed for under 35's - so alcohol was heavily mentioned!

the first day of the tour we were in four countries (england, france, belgium and netherlands (not holland - holland is onlly a small part of netherlands). we (24 of us plus the tour guide and driver) spent the night in armsterdam - dinner on the canals, then most of the group went to a live sex show and visited coffeeshops! 2 people vomitted in or out of the taxi, and one person had too many mushrooms... (this was going to be the norm - and people feeling hanged over).

the second day some heads sore... we were off to germany - to the rhine valley - where the make wine! it happened to be two of the 26 peoples birthdays so we had a four course meal (2 deserts) and we were all given various hats for the evening! And the impossible puzzles come out throughout the evening! People were fine the next morning a rarity!

the third day started with snow! then off to learn about cuckatoo clocks and steins (important things in life)! then off to munich - after forgetting my pin number for my visa card (still can't remember it !)
Munich a litre of beer at the time - no such thing as a pot around here - smallest beer half a litre! And half the tour - decided to play I never - it was fun to watch! As you can imagine various states in the morning!

fourth day again started with snow and continued to snow as we drive to Austria, a tour of Salzberg learning the inner things about the sound of music - needed to do something cultured!

fifth day off to Venice and it's snowing in Italy! Wasn't overally impressed with Venice but ... that's life!

Sixth day Rome, and continued to be there on the seventh day! Experienced Vatican City, the artwork there - amazing - just amazing - breathtaking and considering the age of the stuff and how it was done...
Didn't think much of the collesuem but...
Found out about a pub crawl - and various members of the group went on the pub crawl - hangovers the next day and Rome taxis in a different state after driving them home!

Eighth day - David - yep in Florence - also ended up going to the hospital in florence due to not knowing my limit as far as alcohol is concerned...

Ninth day - I spent the day in PJ's on the bus - I don't know about you but comfort is always good! and we ended up in switzland! Everyone by this stage was tired and had an early night! by this stage I felt like I had been removed from the group - and no one wanted to talk to me!
The trip was twin share hotel accomadation - and the was 10 girls - 5 rooms- don't care who shares with who - 2 of the girls were south americans they shared, another 2 were drinking buddies they shared, another 2 just joined as at Rome - and got along, so the 4 of us remainder changed room buddies, and this particular evening one that hadn't shared with me before was supposed to share with me - but due to evening in the hospital (hello - I was in a better state then most) she was concerned that I was going to be sick again (I hadn't all day) and requested another room! Good way to exile me out of society!

then Paris - and it was windy as anything - half the eifel tower was closed it was moving at least those 7cms - so I didn't go up it!

The people I met on the trip were the typical people that most people meet - therefore due to my nature I am likely to remain in contact with probably 1 - or so! But it was good to go on the trip just to see the sites and the history!

a couple of days in London, then scotland for 3 nights, then manchester for 2 nights - then the plane takes me back to my clothes...