Saturday, December 22, 2007

2007 - the year that was...

I think now is a good of time as any to reflect what the year was and has been!

This year has been a year of growth, rediscovery, and above all else a year of discovery!
This year has seen journeys to all parts of Australia, new friendships, and also times of frustration.

The journeys have included weekly plane trips - only 6 hours a week on average spent on a plane, and 6 hours a week waiting for planes, in addition trips to Adelaide (& Clare) (thanks to Mic, Katherine, Heather (& her 1st & 2nd family) for making my stay/s), Melbourne (thanks to Jelena (& Family), Stace &Aidan, Alan for letting me climb into/onto couch/bed/floor - whenever I needed it), Brisbane (Thanks Jelena & Nathan for buying me a mattress for my visit), Hobart (Pete and Isabel for keeping me company) and for something different driving to Canberra (Al, Isabel and Steve for keeping me and each other sane during the journey (it didn't work)and Pete for putting up with us in our insane manner also Isabel mum for letting the 3 of us crash the nite)! Even staying in Perth (thanks Al for discovering Perth with me) for a couple of days. And thanks to the many other people that offered me floor, couch, beds and showers but only so many times I am in the city - and I like some normality!

Friendships - well when you 200 kilometres from the nearest public bar, public servo, and public shop -with 500 -800 people - you meet people - some of them will of passed through my life - guiding me towards the next road and others will actually keep me company along the way a bit - and I thank both lots - because both collection of individuals are important.

Some of the ones that you believe won't keep you company are the ones that keep you company along the road

It is also important to remember the friendships that have continued to grow throughout the year, the people you ring up in tears and say I'm having a bad day (sorry Stace for doing this :)). The people from the past that you have rediscovered, or have come back into your life. The friends that have continued to be there month after month - the ones you can ring up every 6-12 months and have dinner with and catch up and then promise each other to do it more often at the end of the catch up session. The friends that you can rock up to the house - and they look glad to see even through they are thinking - you bitch you could of given more warning - the friends that you invite yourself to dinner at the place - and the welcome you at the door with a hug - Thank you!

The year has been different then any other year for me - I haven't felt myself tied to one place - which for me I found really fruasting - I'm sure I have realised this fruasten to a number of people - for those that I have I thank them - and hopefully having my own wardrobe now will make it so I am less fruasted!

Family rise - 2007 was the year that my sister finally reproduced with a son named Jack, in addition 3 of my cousins had children - busy year!

Looking at 2008 - the year is starting to look similar to 2007 - but with some stability towards the end of the year. With trips to Western Europe (Feb/March), Nelson point/bay (near newcastle,NSW) (Feb), Clare (SA)(May), Dubbo (NSW) (June), and thinking of Darwin in July. Also might have an option of some more work up at Hedland in April/May! Then hopefully I will get a job in the city and have stability!

Monday, December 17, 2007


One of my friends reminded me yesterday - that he was always there for me!

This friend is probably one of my (collection of) dearest and sweetest friends I have but I probably only see him about once a year in a good year!

From the moment I met him, he has always felt like a big brother! What is with some people - that automatically you feel like you have known them for ages, and
This friend reminded me yesterday to slow down and do nothing - he told me I needed a holiday!! Actually a couple of people have told me that lately!

I think I respect my friends - understanding of me more since I don't see them very often!

He also reminded me that we all have certain jobs to do in our time here on earth and that we are both are probably so far behind that we will be here for a while.

A few familiar faces... :)

after the events of thursday - it was a relief to see a familiar face or two. Without knowing that was want I needed it was reasssuring for that to happen.

Two of the guys I know from Telfer was around and approached me with a smile and a thank goodness someone that is on my insanity level. One of them a guy that works for Pilbara Logistics (hang on that's who I work for) - he's about 50-60 ish - not that that matters - we drink together - he approached me with a smile and a shoulder pat - and made the effort to tell me it was good to see me etc.

The other guy - head of security at Telfer - or at least he was before he was escorted to the plane, and told R&R was longer than the 7 days... a lot longer. He is working up here as camp security - good to know that I have someone looking after me. He approached me after breakfast on monday and did the questions of what are you doing here - and look how desperate things are up here - all in good humour! We actually spent time at Telfer building up a relationship. Here was the system - I would get a phone call about a snake, I would then ring him about it - and he would relocate it - I also had a bit to do with him with birds - he was located in the village - people would deliver the bird to him, he would then ring me, and I would then collect the bird! You see the system - a relationship built from respect of each other! Some how I ended up on first name basis with all the security guys!

I also did a mediation dance workshop on sunday which probably did the world of good.

So I am ready to go and try and do my job - It is just nice to have had that little bit of a push! :)

Friday, December 14, 2007


I have been extremely lucky in my life, I never had to go hungry, always had a roof to sleep under, and clothes on my back but saying that I have had some challenges.

Challenges like the ones I faced this week - realising that even through with the volume of people that is involved in this contract that they in bulk (operators, supervisors, the client) don't want me here and don't see the need for me to be here. That I probably would not of got as much push back if I was a male - and the events that happened this week - would not of occurred!

So althrough I don't think I have every walked away from things - I have felt defeated a number of times - I feel that I need to for my own mental sake, I need to walk away from this job. This job has defeated me!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where am I going... can anyone give me directions?

The direction I am heading, I don't know, where I am going I don't know!
The only thing for certain I seem to know is that I am in Australia!

Where am I going professional?
Where am I going personally? and
Where am I going geographically?

I look at my friends and associates and see that they all have some idea of the direction they are heading for at least one of those things, but where am I going?

Personally - the friends I have are ones that I have had for a number of years, no new ones included of recent times, but then again why do I need new ones - when I have the best group of friends? No sign of a relationship on the cards at the moment... and hasn't been the case for the last couple of years!

I seem to change direction regularly - both geographically and professional - cos never I do feel likes home - and no where I go feels like home! Maybe I need to work out what will feel like home! How do I know what is right for me - I can work out what is wrong for me but what is right for me?

Friday, December 7, 2007

The last 10 days

As expected my R&R was not as restful as it could of been - trying to get more sleep at the moment!

Last Thrusday (29th of November) got offered a position at BHP Biliton Olympic Dam operations, after careful considerations, and promises on the professional development that will occur if I took the opportunity - I decided to take the job!

My car also decided to have that little light that says - hello something isn't right - spend money on me! so I did what it asked and spent some money on it and time friday waiting for my car to be fixed up!

Saturaday my birthday brilliant evening with Stace and Andrew - very basic evening - but all you need is mates!

5 days in conference including saturaday
Sunday night was a good evening

Monday spoke to my new boss!
Monday night made a decision regarding the job!

Wednesday spent a night at home!
Thursday spent travelling - ended up having to stay in Perth on Thursday night at Qantas expense due to delays of the plane in Sydney - affects Melbourne to Perth plane!
Friday landed in Hedland - to found no one waiting for me!
Saturaday informed the owner of the company I work for that I am leaving!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm back at the Perth Airport for another Wednesday night of that's wait for that plane! But I had to - cos I need a night in my own bed tomorrow night and this is the only way I can do it!

I landed in sunny Perth at 3pm today - my plane doesn't leave until midnight - yep 9 hours!
Went into the nearby suburb of Midland for a couple of hours - the company I work with has an office there and it's a block from the shopping centre, it was nice to walk through a proper shopping centre...

I have done something really really stupid - Work mobile phone - has a pin on it, I can't remember it - but I did attempt to - so I could take it off - now have to put the PUK in - so have to ring the office tomorrow, and say I was having a blonde moment... No one in the office is blood - so it will be all good!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm bored

Okay I'm at work - and I'm bored!

But I fly out wednesday - so lets look at the week and half ahead!

Thursday 5am I will be in Melbourne.
1130 I will be at home! (Car is at home - so have to take PT)
Afternoon Tea with one of the guys I know.
Early to bed!

Friday drive to Melbourne, stop at Cranbourne - play with mates 6 month old baby - he keeps on nagging me on never seeing him!
Saturaday *it's my birthday and I will cry if I wanna* but I probably won't!
All day conference, then catch up with 2 brilliant individuals for hanging out - I have no idea what we will end up doing - but...
Sunday back to the conference - sunday night cocktail welcome party...
Monday conference - catch up with a mate for a drink or two - so she can tell me about marriage bliss!
Tuesday conference - catch up with a mate for dinner - so we can bitch about the lack of good men!
Wednesday Conference - half day - then nothing at the moment - and then maybe catching up with the olds and the brother for dinner since its my brothers birthday that Friday.

Thursday Plane....
Friday work!

Hopefully I remember to smile and enjoy the time off!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Facebook, email and SMS, and snail mail

I just read a newsarticle that said that email, SMS and snail mail are all out for inviting people to that social event... and Facebook or my space is in!

I think this may be acceptable for a bash here and a bash there, but... an invite to someone's wedding over Facebook - I just don't think it has the same touch.

Yes everyone gets the same invite in snail mail - it's a bulk mail out - depending of course of the definition of bulk! But it's that personal touch - the ribbon, knowing that some consideration was taken to get your mailing address (cos you have moved four times between giving it to them last year for xmas cards - or is that just me).

A message on facebook - it's like yeah, an email message - well we all get 10's of them at work , SMS someone throught you were worth 20 cents or so - to tell you that they were thinking of you - even if that isn't what the message says!

A personalised snail mail letter... you were worth at least 50 cents, plus paper! I don't send enough snail mail letters, that could be due to my address book being empty - until people have settled into a house, or my last address book being in a box in Adelaide - and still unknown when I will rescue these belongings.

Also could be due that I am impatient - if I send an email - I want an answer that week at least, and where I have been - it can take 2 weeks for the mail to be delivered, even with the Monday- friday planes. Also I don't feel anything is worth while giving another address to - cos I don't feel like changing addresses again!

With all this in mind I can understand why facebook/my space is becoming the new invite system, but for me I would prefer to stick to snail mail for the important things in life, weddings, engagement parties. Announcement of babies SMS are the best way. But other things - just general parties I suppose Facebook is the way to go!

But I never have general parties, cos I am always in a place I don't know anyone! I suppose my last general party was my farewell from Telfer, and that was a work farewell! So emails to everyone work email address was the best way!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

***You Are An ISFP***
The Artist
You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).You enjoy spending your free time in nature, and you are good with animals and children.Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms and live for the simple pleasures in life.Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs.
In love, you are quiet and sweet yet very passionate. You love easily.You have an underlying love for all living things, and it's easy for you to accept someone into your heart.
At work, you do best in an unconventional position. You express yourself well and can work with almost anyone.You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.
How you see yourself: Sympathetic, kind, and communicative
When other people don't get you, they see you as: Incompetent, insecure, and overly sensitive
What's Your Personality Type?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Job, Another family,

The last 6 weeks have been busy, with leaving Telfer, going to Brisbane for a well deserved holiday, being rejected for a job that I was the only applicant for, going to Clare for a weekend, moving, starting a new job, having the interview for the job (in the wet mess at Telfer), sitting an exam. It's no wonder I have the feeling that I don't sleep!!

Today I had a job interview for an Occupational Hygiene job at Olympic Dam - I can hear you guys now saying didn't you just start a new job - yeah so what!!

Okay I should go back to the start the 17th of October was my last day at Telfer, the final month there was interesting, we had commenced playing Trivia Pursuit on a thursday night, and everyone had been told for the last 6-8 months that we needed an Occupational Hygienist, and I was the person (it wasn't me telling people) - at this time I had been told that the job was not happening within the required time period so I should look for another job. My supervisor onsite had just asked me to stay until Mid December when I was told at Trivia Pursuit that the Occupational Hygienist position had been given to someone else. You may say so... when you had been verbally promised a position and then found out that someone else has the job it doesn't sit well. So I was emotionally upset for the next 48 hours - was made to have the following day off. At no time did I think about leaving before my contract was finished.

On my 2nd last day at Telfer I had a meeting with the HR Manager to discuss what went wrong - I was told that I should not of been promised the position, and I was not promised the position. I was also told that as a Contractor I had no loyalty to Newcrest, I was too immature and the other person was appointed by senior management (i.e. I didn't suck up enough).

My farewell party was good - it was someone else's b'day as well - so they had a cake and I had some nibbles. People from everywhere showed up - all of them different as one person said to me - Chantell your farewell was always going to be an interesting event since you touch everyone - especially the weirdo's! It was 11ish when I went to bed, and 1ish others went to bed!

But that's look at the good stuff - I went off to Brisbane to spend some quality time with Jelena - and Nathan. Went to Australia Zoo, got looked after, went bush walking, wondered the streets of Brisbane all good stuff.

During my last week at Telfer I was approached and asked if I wanted a job on a construction site - I'm like why not - so that's how I ended up with a new job! At the same time I was rejected for a job that I was the only person that they were considering for the position.

My parents brought a new house about 5 months ago - they finally took ownership of it, and since at the moment - my address is my parents place I moved as well. It was all timed to perfection finish work on wednesday, move Monday, fly to Adelaide Friday, Fly to Melbourne Sunday, Sit exam Tuesday - one small thing I didn't plan was assignments and study time.
Then I flew to Perth on Wednesday morning...

I then had 2 days of Rest - which was went I needed no matter what anyone says!!

So what's this about another family - my friends Heather and Ben got married - hence the trip to Adelaide. The wedding was in Clare about 150 kilometres from Adelaide, One of mine and Heather's friends picked me up at the airport and we went to Clare together. Country weddings in particular seem to have a pattern - Friday night get together, final meal etc. BBQ generally - Saturaday - Wedding/Reception, Sunday - Brunch - a country wedding is not a day it is a weekend.

So as this was a country wedding the pattern fits - so went to the Bride's family for Dinner - BBQ - bring your own meat and drinks - normal BBQ event. well actually turned up in Clare, gave Bride a buzz said we made it to town she then said if you in town why are you not here - so went to bride's parents house - I had been there maybe twice before... but it's one of those places you knock and walk through the front door at the same time! You know the places!
The last minute things were getting done - i.e. table dressings - it was then we discovered all the plans hadn't been finalised for the tables - so we got that done. At the BBQ that night - I told the maid of Honour that the next day - she was to take the phone off the bride - she said she couldn't - I then told the Bride's mum to do it - she said that was a good idea. I also asked what needed to get done - the table dressings were given to me to make sure they got to the reception in time.

Saturaday morning the phone rings - Bride on phone - the table dressings need to be at the reception by 10 - in just under an hour - Vines to cut from the trees etc. so things got coordinated. I reminded the Bride's mum that the Bride is not supposed to have a phone - she takes it off Bride then. Question at the Reception place - I don't know the answer - good thing I have groom's phone number on the phone - gave him a buzz and he was able to answer! Yippee!! he also needs to give me something for the Bride - he can't see her!

Saturday afternoon the wedding - everyone is beautiful! Was asked to pack everything up at the wedding - which was fine - just take all the brides' things and put them back in the house!
The bride's father comes up and gives me a big hug and says he needs to adopt me!
Saturaday night on a table full of strangers - and I was given the job of greeter - I was then able to give the job to Cameron - Heather's little brother. Heather's uni mates asked me a question that referred to the fact that I was related to her.
The night was a good night - and it was 3am before my head hit the pillow. Lots of dancing, and lots of good times!
Sunday - everyone with there sore heads!

But Barbara and Bob (Heather's parents) were still saying on Sunday morning that they adopting me!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I fly a little bit - the same planes, the same flight numbers every two weeks. For the last 3-4 months my flights with Qantas have seen me in sit 72A or 72K - okay sometimes as far up as 69 but... always at the back of the 747 and always sitting in a two sitter.

Last week and today have seen them putting me in a window sit (A or K) in 23 or 24 - my preference is clearly outlines as the back of the plane.

I like a little bit of consistency in my life - tonight in case you are wondering I have moved to 64A and 64B is supposed to be blocked...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fingers Crossed

Stuff is happening with new employment....

down to the final 7 for a job... :)

Tassie - done and dusted

well maybe only Hobart -but that's not let that get in the way of the story!

Peter, Isabel and myself spend three nights in sunny (yes sunny) Hobart last week.

I can officially say that I have been to the Cascade Brewery and Cadbury Factory (no oompa loomba's in sight :()

we went to Rundall Falls and did the markets, walked the botaical gardens (we had some time to kill between planes - who in there right mind books a plane for 6am on a sunday to fly from the holiday spot?)

Then monday was lovely had a couple of hours of hanging out with Aidan, Stace and Andrew.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Australia is an interesting country depending on where you are depends on the flovour milk you can get and who makes it!!

SA - famous for Farmers Union Iced Coffee (even McDonalds sells it)!
WA - Has Browne milk - and it comes in Spearmint (my favourite) as well Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate and Iced Coffee (a couple of versions)
VIC - is even more complex - certain areas have certain companies in the South West we have Sungold Milk - and they have honeycomb!

So what flavours should milk come in...

The spearmint one is interesting - the colour of milk - coming from a dairy background it looks like something we would thrown away.
I am not staying with Newcrest - the fat lady has sang - althrough no one has been that forward.
The timing just isn't suiting the company and me!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a year

Was just sitting here doing some calculations...

and just thinking about what I have achieved throughout the year...

-Been to Perth Mint
-Been to Old and New parliament house - at Old parliament house sawa play about Australia's federation
- Met Alan Border (Past Australian Cricketer)
- Been to Little Creatures Brewery
- Been to WA, SA, Vic, NSW, ACT (and spent at least a night in each state) by the end of calendar year also Qld, Tas - while having a full time job!
- Done the Otway Fly
- Started to learn to dance with a partner

All of this without having a set home... imagine what I could of achieved!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The weekend with my family could of been worse and could of been better!
By the end of the weekend my father and myself - didn't feel like we were completely part of the family- maybe it's more that our opinion didn't matter - or we felt like our opinion wasn't worth expressing cos it wouldn't be listened to!

My parents are typically country people - driving in the city terrifies them - so my mum refuses to do - my father generally ends up driving with mum giving him directions - not very well!

On a positive - Jelena is moving to Queensland with Nathan next week! I am so proud of them!

and I did Laser Wars for the first time and got 4th out of 13.

Yesterday I got caught up in the security breach at the Melbourne Airport - someone didn't follow the process and we all ended up in hour long lines for security screening... think of a fire drill!!
My airplane was delayed by 2 hours

Friday, August 3, 2007


This week appears to be a week of challenges - maybe its because of a new moon as one of my good mates told me...

My work environment this week have been very challenging - both of my collegues that were on site undermining me in front of people from other departments (or other companies). One of them pretty much told me off for off for talking to someone when they come to visit - then both of my collegues probably spent a 1/6th of they day talking to people that dropped by. This person that was present when I was informed that I had work to do - we had a discussion outside of work and he was like that was extremeley inappropriate. If things had continued on Friday like it was on wednesday and thursday I was going to effective immediately say see you later - not a resignation - at least not with Newcrest - cos I am a consultant - and I am employed on a casual basis with the consulting company I work with - but nothing was said - I just sat at my computer in the corner - I didn't speak unless I was directly spoken to.

In addition at work I am in the middle of writing a formal document - English was never my strong suit - some people like numbers (I am one of them) and others like words (my collegue who wrote it last year and overlooking the report this year is one of them). I have enough problems speaking correctly let alone writing.

Also I started doing the Eternity II puzzle (, a couple of years ago they was a puzzle called Eternity that come out that had one solution and a million dollars assocaited with the solution... This is the next one in the series - and it's good and challeging - just what I need!!

In addition I see a huge potential challenge in front of me - family weekend - four days with my siblings, my parents and my extended family. My sister is pregnant - and she is working 7 days or so in a row - and then have to get up really early to fly interstate to catch up - so she will be tired - but so will I... 9 days - flying interstate - and not actually having more than 2 hours sleep if I am lucky on wednesday night - and travelling for 11 hours all up - from the minute I hope on the plane! But maybe I should use the same system as what I am currently employing at work - don't speak unless directly spoken to - and just go with the flow.

Finally going to see a financial advisor - to try and work my life out - financially...

I am fully aware that challenges will make me stronger - and I am a weak person but why can't they be easier.

On a positive note I found out that one of my friends is 7 months pregnant this week - it happens when you only see people once a year or less.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

What excitement - I got into UNI!!

yes again - it appears at the moment I am destined to get educated - if I knew how to do english!!

On the weekend I had one of the best days going - I went over to Aidan's and Stace on Friday night - and it was a good evening watched an old faithful Charlie and the chocolate factory talked hanged out etc. then Saturaday woke up at they house - and so did Andrew - so we had breakfast - our hosts had gone to Russian classes. Then drove to Williamstown to have lunch with Jelena, then went to the City and so Miss Saigon - caught up with my friends Carla and Pete. Which was great - it's so fantastic seeing all of my friends so in love... *why can't I found anyone to love me:( * (Al Simon thinks it's cos I'm not in one place for anyone to meet me). After Miss Saigon went window shopping and coffeeing in Melbourne Central - introduced Carla to the wonders of Melbourne Central!!

Then got held of my friends Pete and Al - and talked to them about our long weekend in September - Hobart - mind you both boys were like we didn't say we would definately go (got SMS from Pete on Wednesday saying he had booked his flights :).

Went to a pub on Bridge Rd - and watched the Footy, footy and footy - no matter who you are or where you are from I watched the footy!!

So one of my better days in Melbourne - Culture, sport, footy, food - what more do you want!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Look at my rocks - these particular rock has nothing valuable about them. The one above is chrysocolla - which means it has a little bit of copper in it - but it's BLUE
The one below the gem of my collection - has no metals in it that I knoe but look at the layers - the fact that it has a centre point - makes people notice the rock - plus it's double the size of any of my other rocks.
I was never into rocks until I started up here - and now I have a collection on my desk - blue ones, pink ones, red ones, purple, a piece of native copper, some clear ones - so yes a collection. What makes someone start to take an interest in something that they had no interest in?
Yesterday I decided I would look up pole dancing classes in Perth - as well as belly dancing classes, and all of sudden I was exploring also doing a lap dancing class - Still a couple of months before I can do anything - it will be when I have a more stable life...

Friday, June 22, 2007


I'm starting to realise that holidays should be organised well ahead of time then you can look forward to them!!

Was working out this week that in the next 6-9 months I have many travel plans - and I also have the house thing!

Currently living in Victoria - moving to Western Australia (Perth) by the end of the year - going to buy a unit - and rent out a room.

September going to Hobart, Tasmania for 3 or so days and nights - fly into Hobart Thursday night - and spend the weekend with 3 of my good mates.
October - A weekend in Clare, South Australia - Wedding - currently thinking driving from Melbourne to Clare, then back to Adelaide, putting car on train to Perth, then fly from Adelaide - I don't know...

December - currently have a conference in Melbourne that I will be required to attend if the new job comes off - so that will be good - means I will be in Melbourne for my birthday!! *yippee*

December/January - probably should go to Dubbo to see my sister, her husband and not to mention they child - it will be about 2 months old by then!!

February - Melbourne - Wedding and maybe South Island NZ

March - Been invited to go to Japan with a group of work collegues - I don't know about this one!!

Was originally thinking of going to Europe in June/July 2008 - but if I am buying a unit - my fund will be gone!!

How am I going to pay for all this - might have to work it out that I have a work conference in Melbourne in February??? which isn't likely to be the case

Saturday, June 9, 2007

boys, jobs and weekends

Yes the title covers all...

okay first, I have this mate at work that has been eyeing me off and hinting that he is interested in me. But like I said we are mates first - it all started about 3 months ago - when I was catching bus from plane 1 terminal to plane 2 terminal - this mate who I met that night was doing the same thing - also flying from west to east for RR - so we set down had a couple of scotches over the 4 or so hours - had a good chat - had a number of things in common. 5 weeks later we met each other again (several nights of seeing each other in a row) - had numberous beers together - had a number of good chats - had a number of moments - but nothing happened- and a number of meals together. He was counting at one stage how many times we had spoken to each other. Now 5-6 weeks later we catch up again - and we had a serious conversion last night - and he informed me that nothing is going to happen between the 2 of us - cos he likes us being mates, and he doesn't want to get involved with anyone he works with but technically we work at the same site but we don't work with each other.

He's saying one thing but he's behaviour in a way is illustrating something else my workmate - who met this mate due to me - not due to work - noticed the eyeing me off, he also convinced his workmates to go to the pub becuase I was going to be there - I am mates with his workmates now.

He also told me that I shouldn't lower my standards to include him into them. I just don't know!! BOYS!!!

Last weekend I went to a gas plant - cos I could - the tour was with mum's church - the priest and the Bishop, and 4 couples. So I went on the tour cos I had an interest in the process and it all - and I got offered a job - yes a job while going on a tourist visit of gas works.

Saying that in the last month had 5 job opportunities come and say g'day to me, in the order
of preference at the moment:
1. Occupational hygiene at Telfer - Relocate to Perth
2. Do a secondament on another mine site - ??
3. Process Engineer Gas Plant - Convince Mum and Dad not to sell the house - and move into it.
4. Environment Advisot at Telfer - Relocate to Perth
5. Business Partner in a Renewable Energy company - Relocate to Adelaide

another option is just discard all of the jobs above and going seeking...

So looking forward to next weekend - I have one of those weekends that we all need once in a while - one that contains nothing - yes nothing - and no one. No phones nothing- I will be completely out of reach - so looking forward to it -but I will be surrounded by things that I am comfortable being surrounded with etc.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Holidays and work

This week, has been one of those weeks...
At easter 3 of my friends and I decided that we need to instead of catch up once every year or 2, that we should try to catch up every 6 months or so... It was decided that most of us hadn't been to Tassie - I had - but... that we would have a 3 day weekend in Hobart to visit the chocolate and Beer factory in September - so gave the task to our newly appointed travel agent (i love you Issy) - to organise some the flights etc. and the timing - keeping in mind the fact that I am never anywhere for longer than a minute.
Got a phonecall this week asking if instead of Cold Tassie - if we could change it to a 10 day trip on a cruise - so instead of needing long johns, we would need bikinis! In October/November - Fantastic idea - but one of the guys is on a 5 week overseas trip within the next 3 months - so he doesn't have any holidays left.

Work well - it's one of those weeks that I am at work - my job security is very questionable at the present moment - I am a contractor with a set end date. This week had 4 jobs without sending out a resume - none of them being in Victoria - but that's life.
All of the jobs are completely different from each other - which means I have to make a decision. The best thing about all of these jobs is that I am the number 1 canditate for them all - one of them I was told that I could write my own job desciption, another one is a partnership.

Haven't achieved much this week - stupid contractors.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Frogs and misc.

don't you just love the days when you have had a win!!!

well I feel that I can say that I had a win today well maybe...

people did what I wanted - so that always feels like a win

and things got completed in a timely manner.

Was asked for my professional opinion..
and got asked the question that I am starting to hate more than questions...
are you ready for it...

"What do you do during your work days?"
and people expect me to lay out that I do each day and that each day is the same. but then again I was asked by people that had only 1 shower in 13 days - yes that's right!!! A shower in 13 days...

was reading about arid-adapted frogs earlier, some frogs produce a cocoon that they produce a layer about every 5 days, and each layer of the cocoon allows for the frog to need less water, while in the cocoon, they can stay in the cocoon for at least 18 months, and they muscle movements won't be impacted upon exiting the cocoon. They then eat the coccoon - obvisously this didn't happen with the coccon below but if it had - I wouldn't be able to include a picture. up to 300 layers of skin the coccoon can be...

Interesting facts for the day - arid-adapted frogs can make cocoons and survive for over 18 months with no water

Saturday, May 12, 2007

what is the point of life

I am sitting here at work on a saturaday afternoon - I have no idea of the football scores, I have no plans for the evening, and things just seem to be slow - positive in a little over 40 minutes - I can sit down to a hot meal - that I haven't had to cook (with it being divine as divine it can be when it is being cooked for 500 or so people who will eat it over a 4 hour period). Then I will go back and sit in the shoe box that they give me to store my stuff - watch TV and fall asleep, until that stupid thing beside my head goes off at 4am - to tell me have a go at the gym - so I can attempt to be bright and chearer for the next 14 hours - not to mention church tomorrow night (the wet mess). If you haven't worked out I am working in a situation that has a camp site - 500 people on the weekend means that it is likely to be either a military site or a mine site, it is the later a mine site - in the middle of nowhere - in the great Pilbara Region of Australia - takes over 2 hours to get there from Perth by plane - if that is any indication.

I am a positive sort of person - but I am sitting in a building that houses 15 desks and my chair is the only one that is getting used - and will be until tuesday morning. Saying this - at the moment I am a good position to just take 5 and smile! Not many people have this opportunity (granted not many would want it!) and I have no idea where I am half the time - but by the time this year is finished I am going to be sick of flying - so there goes any ideas of holidays - maybe - and that little nest that I keep on thicking as the holiday fund becomes the house fund!

With today being slow and painful and the weekend looking that way - what is the point of life??
is it just to work all day and go home stuffed.

to add to the red eye I have had all day (don't worry it's not sore), My ears have started to tell me that they are around as well!