Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The next big step!

Just realised I have a house deposit (even with the 6 weeks in Europe), and can get another $15,000 ($7,000 federal, $5,000 victoria and another $3,000 since I don't wanna live in Melbourne or geelong given to me by the state as well - if I buy a brand new place) of bonus!

So I need to start founding the place - my lease is until May 2009 - so buy now - lease it out until 30 April - move into my own place...

just need to found a place that i like, i can afford (without feeling like I have gone down a big black hole and feeling depressed cause I have no living money), and just do it!


Andrew said...

Hi Lletna,
Is it worth buying? Where do you want to be in five/two/one years time? In Yarrawonga or elsewere?

Is your last paragraph saying that paying rent makes you feel depressed or that paying a morgage will make you feel depressed?

Stace said...

wow, growing up.

Andrew said...

Who would want to live in Geelong anyway? Espessically with all of those rabit Cats fans.