Saturday, August 2, 2008

What is it with Alcohol?

I am starting to wonder if I am drinking too much! I am starting to wonder if I am eating out too much as well!

This week has been one of those weeks.

Friday night had drinks at the pub - with the guys from work - I remember hoping in a mates car - but I don't remember dropping off the 2 guys (well I half remember dropping one off), or giving directions to stace (my mate). Then was sitting on the couch and talking to stace, and next thing I know its 430am and I found I was sleeping on the couch, with my dona (blanket) from my bed on me. That was fine - sad but fine! I then had to get up at 530 - so I could be around at a work mates place at 6am for a snow trip.
Stace didn't drink on friday night, she had offered to drive us all to the snow - so on saturaday morning - she had 2 hanged over work mates of mine in the backsit, and me in the front sit - all feeling dodgy!

Thursday night I kept pace with the boys for dinner! Friday morning I woke up feeling a touch hanged over!


Andrew said...

Hi C, you could always see a nutritionist. I have days when I dont remember bits and pieces and you know how often I drink.

Stace said...

Not me. The other Stace. Now I understand Andrew's comment on my blog :)

Lletna said...

stace - which stace is the other stace - I feel that I refer to my other mate - as the other stace more than what I refer to you as the other stace.

Andrew - I probably do need to look after myself better - but when you have to go out and eat - you have to do what you have to...

Stace said...

I think I'm drinking a bit much too... not to the point of drunkeness, generally, but just a couple of drinks most nights. Too often. Trying to cut down, but with Aidan's parents here now, and his birthday... meh, maybe I'll cut down next week.