Saturday, May 26, 2007

Holidays and work

This week, has been one of those weeks...
At easter 3 of my friends and I decided that we need to instead of catch up once every year or 2, that we should try to catch up every 6 months or so... It was decided that most of us hadn't been to Tassie - I had - but... that we would have a 3 day weekend in Hobart to visit the chocolate and Beer factory in September - so gave the task to our newly appointed travel agent (i love you Issy) - to organise some the flights etc. and the timing - keeping in mind the fact that I am never anywhere for longer than a minute.
Got a phonecall this week asking if instead of Cold Tassie - if we could change it to a 10 day trip on a cruise - so instead of needing long johns, we would need bikinis! In October/November - Fantastic idea - but one of the guys is on a 5 week overseas trip within the next 3 months - so he doesn't have any holidays left.

Work well - it's one of those weeks that I am at work - my job security is very questionable at the present moment - I am a contractor with a set end date. This week had 4 jobs without sending out a resume - none of them being in Victoria - but that's life.
All of the jobs are completely different from each other - which means I have to make a decision. The best thing about all of these jobs is that I am the number 1 canditate for them all - one of them I was told that I could write my own job desciption, another one is a partnership.

Haven't achieved much this week - stupid contractors.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Frogs and misc.

don't you just love the days when you have had a win!!!

well I feel that I can say that I had a win today well maybe...

people did what I wanted - so that always feels like a win

and things got completed in a timely manner.

Was asked for my professional opinion..
and got asked the question that I am starting to hate more than questions...
are you ready for it...

"What do you do during your work days?"
and people expect me to lay out that I do each day and that each day is the same. but then again I was asked by people that had only 1 shower in 13 days - yes that's right!!! A shower in 13 days...

was reading about arid-adapted frogs earlier, some frogs produce a cocoon that they produce a layer about every 5 days, and each layer of the cocoon allows for the frog to need less water, while in the cocoon, they can stay in the cocoon for at least 18 months, and they muscle movements won't be impacted upon exiting the cocoon. They then eat the coccoon - obvisously this didn't happen with the coccon below but if it had - I wouldn't be able to include a picture. up to 300 layers of skin the coccoon can be...

Interesting facts for the day - arid-adapted frogs can make cocoons and survive for over 18 months with no water

Saturday, May 12, 2007

what is the point of life

I am sitting here at work on a saturaday afternoon - I have no idea of the football scores, I have no plans for the evening, and things just seem to be slow - positive in a little over 40 minutes - I can sit down to a hot meal - that I haven't had to cook (with it being divine as divine it can be when it is being cooked for 500 or so people who will eat it over a 4 hour period). Then I will go back and sit in the shoe box that they give me to store my stuff - watch TV and fall asleep, until that stupid thing beside my head goes off at 4am - to tell me have a go at the gym - so I can attempt to be bright and chearer for the next 14 hours - not to mention church tomorrow night (the wet mess). If you haven't worked out I am working in a situation that has a camp site - 500 people on the weekend means that it is likely to be either a military site or a mine site, it is the later a mine site - in the middle of nowhere - in the great Pilbara Region of Australia - takes over 2 hours to get there from Perth by plane - if that is any indication.

I am a positive sort of person - but I am sitting in a building that houses 15 desks and my chair is the only one that is getting used - and will be until tuesday morning. Saying this - at the moment I am a good position to just take 5 and smile! Not many people have this opportunity (granted not many would want it!) and I have no idea where I am half the time - but by the time this year is finished I am going to be sick of flying - so there goes any ideas of holidays - maybe - and that little nest that I keep on thicking as the holiday fund becomes the house fund!

With today being slow and painful and the weekend looking that way - what is the point of life??
is it just to work all day and go home stuffed.

to add to the red eye I have had all day (don't worry it's not sore), My ears have started to tell me that they are around as well!