Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Closed Book
Not many people out there I would say have been able to read the book that is me - don't get me wrong I have a collection of friends and all of them I love dearly! Saying that most people I meet are not able to get past the introduction or preface of the book that is me! Let alone past the third chapter of the book.
Maybe I don't allow the book to be taken off the shelf, or maybe the book has one of those magic things you see - that certain pages are visible on certain occassions - and the rest of the time they are not visible. A couple of years ago,my new year resolution was try to be a more interesting book, that is easier to read - I feel that at the moment I have probably made my book harder to read.
I think I might need to go back to the plan to try and make the book more interesting, and to possible make it on a bestseller list! Just how do I do it? How do I make the changes while still remaining primarily me?
So again another blog that isn't the most positive!
On positive news - 2 Couples that I am friends with - both told the world that they were pregnant by facebook in the last 2 weeks - it is an exciting time for all!
I just realised that have 5 friends named Sarah on facebook - that's just weird!

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