Saturday, June 23, 2007

Look at my rocks - these particular rock has nothing valuable about them. The one above is chrysocolla - which means it has a little bit of copper in it - but it's BLUE
The one below the gem of my collection - has no metals in it that I knoe but look at the layers - the fact that it has a centre point - makes people notice the rock - plus it's double the size of any of my other rocks.
I was never into rocks until I started up here - and now I have a collection on my desk - blue ones, pink ones, red ones, purple, a piece of native copper, some clear ones - so yes a collection. What makes someone start to take an interest in something that they had no interest in?
Yesterday I decided I would look up pole dancing classes in Perth - as well as belly dancing classes, and all of sudden I was exploring also doing a lap dancing class - Still a couple of months before I can do anything - it will be when I have a more stable life...

Friday, June 22, 2007


I'm starting to realise that holidays should be organised well ahead of time then you can look forward to them!!

Was working out this week that in the next 6-9 months I have many travel plans - and I also have the house thing!

Currently living in Victoria - moving to Western Australia (Perth) by the end of the year - going to buy a unit - and rent out a room.

September going to Hobart, Tasmania for 3 or so days and nights - fly into Hobart Thursday night - and spend the weekend with 3 of my good mates.
October - A weekend in Clare, South Australia - Wedding - currently thinking driving from Melbourne to Clare, then back to Adelaide, putting car on train to Perth, then fly from Adelaide - I don't know...

December - currently have a conference in Melbourne that I will be required to attend if the new job comes off - so that will be good - means I will be in Melbourne for my birthday!! *yippee*

December/January - probably should go to Dubbo to see my sister, her husband and not to mention they child - it will be about 2 months old by then!!

February - Melbourne - Wedding and maybe South Island NZ

March - Been invited to go to Japan with a group of work collegues - I don't know about this one!!

Was originally thinking of going to Europe in June/July 2008 - but if I am buying a unit - my fund will be gone!!

How am I going to pay for all this - might have to work it out that I have a work conference in Melbourne in February??? which isn't likely to be the case

Saturday, June 9, 2007

boys, jobs and weekends

Yes the title covers all...

okay first, I have this mate at work that has been eyeing me off and hinting that he is interested in me. But like I said we are mates first - it all started about 3 months ago - when I was catching bus from plane 1 terminal to plane 2 terminal - this mate who I met that night was doing the same thing - also flying from west to east for RR - so we set down had a couple of scotches over the 4 or so hours - had a good chat - had a number of things in common. 5 weeks later we met each other again (several nights of seeing each other in a row) - had numberous beers together - had a number of good chats - had a number of moments - but nothing happened- and a number of meals together. He was counting at one stage how many times we had spoken to each other. Now 5-6 weeks later we catch up again - and we had a serious conversion last night - and he informed me that nothing is going to happen between the 2 of us - cos he likes us being mates, and he doesn't want to get involved with anyone he works with but technically we work at the same site but we don't work with each other.

He's saying one thing but he's behaviour in a way is illustrating something else my workmate - who met this mate due to me - not due to work - noticed the eyeing me off, he also convinced his workmates to go to the pub becuase I was going to be there - I am mates with his workmates now.

He also told me that I shouldn't lower my standards to include him into them. I just don't know!! BOYS!!!

Last weekend I went to a gas plant - cos I could - the tour was with mum's church - the priest and the Bishop, and 4 couples. So I went on the tour cos I had an interest in the process and it all - and I got offered a job - yes a job while going on a tourist visit of gas works.

Saying that in the last month had 5 job opportunities come and say g'day to me, in the order
of preference at the moment:
1. Occupational hygiene at Telfer - Relocate to Perth
2. Do a secondament on another mine site - ??
3. Process Engineer Gas Plant - Convince Mum and Dad not to sell the house - and move into it.
4. Environment Advisot at Telfer - Relocate to Perth
5. Business Partner in a Renewable Energy company - Relocate to Adelaide

another option is just discard all of the jobs above and going seeking...

So looking forward to next weekend - I have one of those weekends that we all need once in a while - one that contains nothing - yes nothing - and no one. No phones nothing- I will be completely out of reach - so looking forward to it -but I will be surrounded by things that I am comfortable being surrounded with etc.