Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a year

Was just sitting here doing some calculations...

and just thinking about what I have achieved throughout the year...

-Been to Perth Mint
-Been to Old and New parliament house - at Old parliament house sawa play about Australia's federation
- Met Alan Border (Past Australian Cricketer)
- Been to Little Creatures Brewery
- Been to WA, SA, Vic, NSW, ACT (and spent at least a night in each state) by the end of calendar year also Qld, Tas - while having a full time job!
- Done the Otway Fly
- Started to learn to dance with a partner

All of this without having a set home... imagine what I could of achieved!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The weekend with my family could of been worse and could of been better!
By the end of the weekend my father and myself - didn't feel like we were completely part of the family- maybe it's more that our opinion didn't matter - or we felt like our opinion wasn't worth expressing cos it wouldn't be listened to!

My parents are typically country people - driving in the city terrifies them - so my mum refuses to do - my father generally ends up driving with mum giving him directions - not very well!

On a positive - Jelena is moving to Queensland with Nathan next week! I am so proud of them!

and I did Laser Wars for the first time and got 4th out of 13.

Yesterday I got caught up in the security breach at the Melbourne Airport - someone didn't follow the process and we all ended up in hour long lines for security screening... think of a fire drill!!
My airplane was delayed by 2 hours

Friday, August 3, 2007


This week appears to be a week of challenges - maybe its because of a new moon as one of my good mates told me...

My work environment this week have been very challenging - both of my collegues that were on site undermining me in front of people from other departments (or other companies). One of them pretty much told me off for off for talking to someone when they come to visit - then both of my collegues probably spent a 1/6th of they day talking to people that dropped by. This person that was present when I was informed that I had work to do - we had a discussion outside of work and he was like that was extremeley inappropriate. If things had continued on Friday like it was on wednesday and thursday I was going to effective immediately say see you later - not a resignation - at least not with Newcrest - cos I am a consultant - and I am employed on a casual basis with the consulting company I work with - but nothing was said - I just sat at my computer in the corner - I didn't speak unless I was directly spoken to.

In addition at work I am in the middle of writing a formal document - English was never my strong suit - some people like numbers (I am one of them) and others like words (my collegue who wrote it last year and overlooking the report this year is one of them). I have enough problems speaking correctly let alone writing.

Also I started doing the Eternity II puzzle (, a couple of years ago they was a puzzle called Eternity that come out that had one solution and a million dollars assocaited with the solution... This is the next one in the series - and it's good and challeging - just what I need!!

In addition I see a huge potential challenge in front of me - family weekend - four days with my siblings, my parents and my extended family. My sister is pregnant - and she is working 7 days or so in a row - and then have to get up really early to fly interstate to catch up - so she will be tired - but so will I... 9 days - flying interstate - and not actually having more than 2 hours sleep if I am lucky on wednesday night - and travelling for 11 hours all up - from the minute I hope on the plane! But maybe I should use the same system as what I am currently employing at work - don't speak unless directly spoken to - and just go with the flow.

Finally going to see a financial advisor - to try and work my life out - financially...

I am fully aware that challenges will make me stronger - and I am a weak person but why can't they be easier.

On a positive note I found out that one of my friends is 7 months pregnant this week - it happens when you only see people once a year or less.