Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today my grandmother's funeral was a quiet event - 6 of my mum's siblings were there for my father's mother's funeral.

The cousins that I haven't seen for about 10 years - quite weird one of my cousins partners have taught one of my other cousins kid - were all there and we were all civiliased - it was good to found out what there were doing.

Friday, January 4, 2008

I am now unemployed - effective immediately!

Positive is that I can go to my grandmothers funeral without pressure to be back at Work.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

my grandmother died on wednesday, the funeral is monday and I can't get there!
I'm not in a 3rd world nation, I am at work - in the same country of the funeral - is just I can't get there!

Money is not an issue its the fact that flights to Port Hedland where I work are extremely difficult to get at the moment. The whole town went away for xmas or so it seems and now the new year has come and everyone must return - the major airline that flies into Port Hedland - Qantas - normally operate 3 flights a day - but the last week 4 flights a day have been going Perth to Port Hedland.

I did a quick look - I could use my points to go Port Hedland to Melbourne return - 55,000 points - I have the points - 17 hours to get to Melbourne - Port Hedland to Perth to Adelaide to Melbourne - then 3 hours driving - then sleeping when I actually get home I suppose,

But the problem is getting from Melbourne to Port Hedland - No seats are available on flights from Perth to Port Hedland - not very often you hear about flights being fully booked. But that is the case.