Thursday, July 5, 2007

What excitement - I got into UNI!!

yes again - it appears at the moment I am destined to get educated - if I knew how to do english!!

On the weekend I had one of the best days going - I went over to Aidan's and Stace on Friday night - and it was a good evening watched an old faithful Charlie and the chocolate factory talked hanged out etc. then Saturaday woke up at they house - and so did Andrew - so we had breakfast - our hosts had gone to Russian classes. Then drove to Williamstown to have lunch with Jelena, then went to the City and so Miss Saigon - caught up with my friends Carla and Pete. Which was great - it's so fantastic seeing all of my friends so in love... *why can't I found anyone to love me:( * (Al Simon thinks it's cos I'm not in one place for anyone to meet me). After Miss Saigon went window shopping and coffeeing in Melbourne Central - introduced Carla to the wonders of Melbourne Central!!

Then got held of my friends Pete and Al - and talked to them about our long weekend in September - Hobart - mind you both boys were like we didn't say we would definately go (got SMS from Pete on Wednesday saying he had booked his flights :).

Went to a pub on Bridge Rd - and watched the Footy, footy and footy - no matter who you are or where you are from I watched the footy!!

So one of my better days in Melbourne - Culture, sport, footy, food - what more do you want!!